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Snow variations with json files

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created 11/21/2018 8:24 am by Jazumes
Right off ill say I don't know if it is possible, but I would like to have an edition to my pack that has some more variety to the game involving snow. I would like to add icicles and snow sides on blocks. How i would like the snow sides on blocks to work is it wouldn't work on anything in the redstone category, the transportation category, the miscellaneous category, the brewing category. No slabs or stairs (except for upside down stairs and slabs, no block that gives a light source, no glass, no snow blocks, no grass blocks and snowed grass. I would like leaves to work and any natural block, and any player made block except for anything listed above and work stations. If the side of the block is not visible the side will not appear until the side of the block is visible to help performance, If the snow layer or block on top of the block is removed, so will the sides. The other variation is icicles. I would like the icicles to be in the pattern that tall grass has (cross) and only appear if there is a snow layer on top of a block and underneath the block is air (also is random so it won't show on every single block. If the icicle appears its texture will go up into the block meaning it has a length of 2 blocks, this is to make sure that if it appears on an upside down slab or stair it won't float, icicles can appear on any natural block including leaves. The icicles require a snow layer a block and air, if say for an example snow generates it a weird way where it has a snow layer air and air, the icicles wont appear, if there is a block underneath the block that can show icicles it will not appear to help with performance. I would prefer is all of this would be in json files and having textures for the snow sides and icicles but not loads of blocks with snow side textures on it, I would also like it if you just make the textures just solid colors because I can do the textures but I am terrible at json files. If any of this requires optifine, that is fine because my pack already requires optifine, and this is on minecraft version 1.12.2. If you do make these for me I will give credits to anyone who can make these json files.
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