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Want to make a texture for my pack?

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created 06/23/2015 12:31 pm by YmeOskal
last reply 06/23/2015 2:37 pm
If you want to make a texture send me a mediafire link to the texture file. Its important that you made it, and that it is original and is not part of another pack. if you want to cantact me leave your skype and age in the comments. if you were wondering i will credit every single person that makes a texture for the pack. have a good day!
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Level 35 : Artisan Blacksmith

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4 replies

06/23/2015 2:37 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Blacksmith
no, i have already make one i just wanted some textures to fill in the empty space.
i have already done 90% of it i just needed some more.
06/23/2015 1:56 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
Wow. So you literally want everyone to make a texture pack for you.
06/23/2015 1:20 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Blacksmith
did you make it? nmoleo64?
06/23/2015 12:47 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Cake

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