Awesome Minecraft PS3 seed found on Friday 26th November 2021! Check it out!sentiment_very_satisfied

LittleDino202211/28/21 1:50 pm
11/30/2021 11:01 am
Try out an awesome world!

This started out to be a normal world until I dug down into a cave and found a FOSSIL.
The world was randomly generated.
As most minecrafters know, fossils are extremely rare and can only be found in mesa (or badlands) biomes. So I consider myself very lucky indeed. Some people have to load up a random world 30 times and still they don't find a fossil.

Anyway, let's show the world the awesome seed.
Unfortunately this seed doesn't work in other versions of the game, so no fossil if you load it up into a PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.
The seed: -897581701505157127

You spawn in a mesa and there are a few caves dotted around the area.
Unfortunately you'll have to do quite a substantial amount of searching, torch placing, mining before you find the fossil. It'll show up on your screen with 1 block showing.

As I said earlier on, this is not copied from anyone else so please don't sue me (only joking).
Have a good one.
PS I am building a minigame in that world, more on that when it's finished.
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11/30/2021 11:01 am
Level 27 : Expert Creeper Hugger
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Just to give you a sneak peek it's to do with racing, And it includes a mob so more on that later.
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