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[1.11.2] Minehalla - A unique Factions experience!

submitted 08/13/2017 11:49 am by FeelsNastyMan
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Tired of old, daft factions servers, where the map and entire setup is just your same old uninspiring terrain that makes you yawn? Do you find yourself yearning for a bigger, more comprehensive world, complete with a global economy that reacts to how fellow players sell their goods? Are you just bored with your current server/dont have one to call home at all?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then look no further! Minehalla is a new server, featuring a custom earth map, and much, much more!

- Auctions
- Dynamic Map
- Custom Earth map, with whopping 20000x15000 dimensions! Antarctica included!
- Friendly, helpful staff! (Note: we are not looking for staff at this time, my apologies to those who were inquisitive on such)
- World borders wrap: hitting the border just teleports you to the other side of the map! The world is round!
- Factions, with PvP enabled
- Economy with prices that react to player habits
- No lag!
- RandomTP
- Cosmetic rewards for voting!
- McMMO!

IP: minehalla.anv17.com
Dynmap: minehalla.anv17.com:8123

Join today, and conquer!
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Level 1 : New Miner

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08/13/2017 2:08 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Currently we have the server advertised on a multitude of websites, we additionally plan to advertise on reddit in the near future to bring as many people in as we can.

This server stands out with its custom earth map, with beautiful environments where people can settle wherever they want, including a place near/at where they live in the real world! Additionally, the global shop stands out in that the prices for it dynamically change based on how much is sold/bought, which creates markets that really add to the flavor of this server.
08/13/2017 1:21 pm
Level 9 Apprentice Pokemon
How will your server stand out from any other Faction server? How are you planning to advertise your server?




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