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[1.12] Disorbs SkyBlock - Spawners | mcMMO | Crates | CEnchants | Ore-Gen | More...

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created 12/10/2017 5:06 pm by Disorbs

IP: Play.Disorbs.Net

Welcome To Disorbs SkyBlock

Server: Play.Disorbs.Net
Store: Shop.Disorbs.Net

Server Rules

[1] Be respectful
[2] Use common sense
[3] Do not ask for staff Rank
[4] No Spamming Or CAPS
[5] Be helpful and help others
[6] No Advertising = Perm Ban
[7] Do Not Use a Client or Exploit bugs = Perm Ban
[8] No Griefing = Perm Ban
[9] No Donation Scamming = Perm Ban
[10] No Lying To Staff = Temp Ban

Server Ranks

All ranks are a one time payment

Iron - $10
Gold - $25
Diamond - $45
Bedrock - $75
Void - $100


Creating a Island: /is create
Island Menu: /sb or /island
Invite To Island: /is invite <player>
Coop A Player: /is coop <player>
Kick Player: /is kick <player>
Ban Player: /is ban <player>
Set Island Home: /is sethome
Lock/Unlock Island: /is lock /is unlock
Set Island Warp: Make a sign with [Welcome] on top
Island Warp Toggle: /is togglewarp
Transfer Island Owner: /is makeleader <player>

Server Votes

You simply /Vote in-game and receive rewards for SkyBlock
including 1 Voting Key, 1 TE, 1 Vote Token

Join Now @ Play.Disorbs.Net

PS. Last thread was inactive for too long had to make a new one.
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