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[1.13][WHITELIST] GGSMP Whitelisted SMP Server ♛ 16+ Mature Community ♛ 100% Vanilla GAMEPLAY ♛ Hermit Craft Inspired!

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created 08/08/2018 2:37 pm by GGSMP
last reply 08/17/2018 12:44 pm

Hey, Welcome to our post! Our Server GGSMP is looking for fresh faces on our server! Our community currently has a roster of 10 players. Our map started on July 19th, 2018 (Roughly 2-3weeks ago) so there is still plenty of
unexplored area and potential for innovation on our server.

The gameplay is 100% VANILLA. We do have a couple of admin tools and backend patch plugins to ensure the best possible gameplay.

If you’re interested in joining, we require that you are 16 years or older, at least have the discord program for offline communication, and that you can be active at least 1 hour a week.

We have a few basic rules on the server you must follow, they are:
- Be respectful of each other.
- Be mature and use common sense.
- Do not use hacks or cheat mods.
- Make sure to include phrase “Rice tastes nice” in your application so we can confirm you read through the thread.
- Keep the world looking nice (Fix creeper holes, no floating trees)
- AFK Fishing Contraptions are prohibited.

Also we do not moderate harsh language on the server or the discord, if you can not handle strong language this server is not for you.

We are very community oriented. We use the discord program for offline communications such as announcements and other community matters, most decisions are made by the community and we try as hard as possible to make sure everyone is satisfied with the server.

We generally try and keep the community tight knit so we can keep track of what everyone has going on, we would like to see multiple people on each timezone though so the fun never falls short for anyone!

We strive to provide crystal clear gameplay with no lag. We have proxy sub servers set up in all sections of North America, Most of Europe and a part of Australia with a main virtual box of 16gb (6gb +Processor dedicated to the server itself) in the background running all of it so no one has to suffer from ping or server side lag!

We do all types of fun events together, whether it be our monthly UHC’s or community ran events, there is never a shortage of fun things going on!

One of the things we do to add convenience to our player’s lives is set up a seperate creative server with the same seed so they can plan builds and such without having to waste valuable materials on the main server, we do moderate it and keep strict rules for it though.

We accept players from all timezones
and all sections of the world, we have proxies set up in the backend, so no matter what part of North America or Europe you’re in, you shouldn’t ever have connection problems!

If you'd like to join, fill out this application in the comments below.
Preferred Name:
Discord Name#:
Timezone/Country Region:
In-Game Skills:
What can you bring to the community:
Tell us a little about you:
Questions about the server:

If you are accepted, you will be private messaged all the information for joining the server.

If your application is not replied to within 24 hours it was not accepted. Please refrain from spamming our thread.

We hope to see some fresh fun personalities here soon! Thank you for your time!
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Level 1 : New Miner

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08/17/2018 12:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IGN: ShadowFlik

Preferred Name:Shadow (I don't mind)

Age(16+): 20

Discord Name#:bradbury01#3849

Timezone/Country Region:UK, england

In-Game Skills: I have a vast majority of skills in Minecraft ive been playing it for 3 years roughly, I have a nice understanding of builds and what looks nice, im not a redstone master but I now the basics and how it works.

What can you bring to the community: I feel that I can bring a new canvas I feel like a build a little different I never build the regular "medieval house" I like to go the little bit extra, I will also be someone who can help with tasks and someone to talk to I love a good chat

Tell us a little about you: Im 20 years old live in a small town called county durham I enjoy playing video games, and Rice Tastes Nice with some chicken, I studied at college for 3 years got my grades I would say im quite sociable enjoy being around people

Questions about the server: No questions at all also im a big fan of hermitcraft.
08/16/2018 8:36 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Unicorn
IGN: Ferretteeth
Preferred Name: Mei or Ferret is a-ok!
Age(16+): 17 (18 in a few months)
Discord Name#: Paulie's Little Puppy#4466 (I can't do VCs unfortunately, but I'm a somewhat speedy typer)
Timezone/Country Region: PST (SoCal)
In-Game Skills: I would say I'm decent at building. I try to keep my builds as functional and useful as possible, I like to make aesthetically pleasing builds but I try not to waste too much time or space. I have very basic knowledge of potions, but I'm slowly learning. Redstone and combat are my biggest weaknesses I would say.
What can you bring to the community: I'll be willing to lend a hand if anyone needs it, I might not be the most knowledgeable but I'd be happy to assist anyway I can.
Tell us a little about you: I'm an artist so it's only natural for me to want to create thing lol I've always loved minecraft, I probably started way back in..2012? if not 2013 or so, and I definitely do not play it as much as I should so I'm looking forward to find a new server to work in.
Questions about the server: Is looting, griefing, raiding allowed and/or protected? As I think that would be the tie breaker since I don't feel comfortable with griefing :<
Otherwise your server seems pretty great and I think it'd be perfect for me! Also rice tastes pretty gewd, especially with some fried or scrambled eggs lol
08/14/2018 3:34 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Engineer
IGN: vbeck54
Preferred Name: beck
Age(16+): 18
Discord Name#: DiddyGat#0502
Timezone/Country Region: CST
In-Game Skills: Automation with redstone/ building aesthetically pleasing structures
What can you bring to the community: Some inspiring building styles that I tend to create with a unique twist. Along with a wealth of game knowledge and experience, I could help out any newcomers if needed.
Tell us a little about you: I've played on and off since 2012, and just recently am getting back into the game since so much content seems to have been added and I'd love to be able to experience it with some other players who may know more about it than myself. I'm not bothered by other players occasionally messing with me or trash talk, since it's all in good fun I'd assume. In fact, one other note I would like to add is I feel that rice tastes nice, cooked or uncooked, rice is nice.
Questions about the server: How many players are currently playing on the server? Are homes clustered together or more spread out? What would be the busiest time or peak player count time? Whether there are a lot of players on or just a few, I'd love to play. Thank You!
08/13/2018 7:48 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IGN: Smurfenrw

Preferred Name: Smurfen (call me what you want)


Discord Name#: Greoplyn#5599

Timezone/Country Region: Sweden

In-Game Skills: Survival, exploring, farming, ok at buiding

What can you bring to the community: A friendly and trustworthy player, i have free time to play and enjoy playing on the server.

Tell us a little about you: i have been playing minecraft for years with some on and off times, and i would enjoy to play it with other people.

Questions about the server: No questions
08/13/2018 6:52 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IGN: Demospeed
Preferred Name: Demo
Age(16+): 22
Discord Name#: Diogo Silva#7208
Timezone/Country Region: Portugal
In-Game Skills: Building, desing, redstone
What can you bring to the community: love to build shops and build for the community
Tell us a little about you: I play minecraft since the alpha, of course i stoped and came again playing but i loved to get in a server with players like me who love the game
Questions about the server: how many players do you have in ? and what is the max?
08/13/2018 12:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IGN: BatKidz
Preferred Name: Mack
Age(16+): 16
Discord Name#: nathan45mack#5523
Timezone/Country Region: EST
In-Game Skills: Building, Survival, Redstone, pretty much everything
What can you bring to the community: A trustworthy friend and player that will spend time making the server a better place
Tell us a little about you: I play baseball, just startiing to get back into minecraft, very experienced with the game, and decently smart
Questions about the server: will this server close after about a month? i recently joined a different server and made a lot of progress, but it shut down after a month. i just hope that won't happen if i make it into this one.
08/12/2018 10:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Couple more spots!
08/10/2018 3:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IGN: moealk
Preferred Name: moe / Khatib
Age(16+): 18
Discord Name#: Moealk #7059
Timezone/Country Region: Dubai, moving to Canada in December
In-Game Skills: Mostly building and mining/adventure
What can you bring to the community: add a friendly community member and be pretty active to further amplify the community sense on the server and some beautiful builds/shops too
Tell us a little about you: I’ve been playing Minecraft since 1.2 but I stopped playing after 1.7 and I’m looking to get back into the game and I think this is the perfect way to get back in. I like playing the game every night to just wind down. I also enjoy reading and watching movies. Good food and good music = life.
Questions about the server: NA
08/09/2018 5:08 pm
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08/09/2018 4:13 am
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08/09/2018 1:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Sorry your application was denied.
08/08/2018 7:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Preferred Name:Outlaw or Isaac
Age(16+): 17
Discord Name#: Outlaw Decker
Timezone/Country Region:USA CST
In-Game Skills: Building/Farming
What can you bring to the community: well i record sometimes and i can build pretty much anything and am i excellent farmer
Tell us a little about you: 17 got a daughter been playing since 2009
Questions about the server: do greif right?
08/08/2018 4:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IGN: The76thTrombone
Preferred Name: Trombone
Age(16+): 25
Discord Name#: The 76th Trombone#6253
Timezone/Country Region: Arizona (MST / PDT)

In-Game Skills:
I'm a more technical player, with an emphasis on building farms. I'm not amazing at it, but I know a few things. My main focus on the last server I played on were villagers and guardians. I'm also trying to improve at building.
All in all, I'd say my building skills are a 5/10, and my redstone skills are a 7/10.

What can you bring to the community:
I can make or help make some of the larger farms to make life more convenient for the community, including guardian farms, wither skeleton farms, etc. Stuff I'd specifically like to make are a guardian farm (like the one showcased in hermitcraft recently), possibly a trident farm, and a huge trading hall with maximized trades. I'd also like to help with any community builds in whatever way I can.

Tell us a little about you:
I consider myself to be non-intrusive. I don't like stepping on people's toes, so I don't talk shit, I keep my nose out of other people's business, and I do my best to be courteous when people engage with me. That said, I'm not against light-hearted smack talk or pranks. I will gladly participate in prank wars, as long as they aren't mean-spirited.

Questions about the server:
I noticed the server is "Hermitcraft inspired". Is it more of a season 6 kind of world, where we build up an area together? Or is it more like season 5, where everyone is spread out?
Do you guys think rice tastes nice? I honestly find it kinda bland.
Is there a shopping district? If so, what markets are still wide open?
How many people are actively playing on this server?
When are the peak hours?
08/09/2018 3:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
You've been accepted. Check Discord.
08/08/2018 3:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Check messages.
08/08/2018 3:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Added on discord.




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