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created 01/21/2018 5:28 pm by train212

Hello all people coming from Planet Minecraft. I am here to present my new project which is Purge KitPvP.
Here is some info about the server.Purge KitPvP is a non pay to win KitPvP server that offers what other KitPvP servers don't offer. Firstly we aren't a server where you have to pay to get overpower kits, you can get access to all the kits without needing a rank. Also we have our own cheat detection system to prevent hackers from ruining any players experiences. Our server is also 24/7 and we have cosmetics which you can purchase with real money to help out the server and make yourself look swag unlike the other players.
Pictures of the server and some builds (some of the builds were from my old server for people who might know them)
Dark Cave Map
Fallen Kingdom Map
Grass Lands Map
Great Lake Map
Squid Attack Map
As in the title of the thread, we allow clients from 1.7 and to the latest version of Minecraft to join the server. The server's base version is 1.8.8 and we will keep client support for 1.7 forever for those who like the 1.7 animations better then 1.8. More info about the server below.
Server IP: purgekitpvp.usDonation Store: http://donate.purgekitpvp.usDiscord Server: http://discord.purgekitpvp.usApply for HELPER:
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