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created 01/04/2013 1:22 pm by Crukul
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Dear Minecrafters,

We are a new brand in the minecraft community. We are a strong team of people who really believe we have the best server. The server is called AceRaid. We may be a strong team but all teams can become better, we are looking for moderators on the server. The server is being built, i myself am making a website and doing plugins and we have pro builders building it. But we want to be ready for when everything is done. So we need mods for the site forums and for the server!

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01/04/2013 1:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Name: Joseph
Age: 15
IGN: brentm27
Why should you be a moderator: I like to play minecraft, i am on minecraft a lot, i own my own dedicated server, i am trustworthy, i follow the rules, i have been admins for multiple servers, im a hard worker
How would the server change if you were a moderator: The rules will be enforced, there will be less griefing, there will be more people enjoying the experience, if people need help ill give it to them, will help create a nice atmosphere
Anything else: I know a lot of server commands, i am a pretty good builder, i dont abuse power.
01/04/2013 1:58 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
Less griefing? This is a raiding server.

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