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ACSG- Assassin's Creed Multiplayer in Minecraft!

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created 04/26/2012 12:54 am by Jesuitical
last reply 06/30/2012 10:59 pm

If you would like to skip the reading (I recommend you read), you can check us out now at and connect with

Assassin's Creed Survival Games

Hello everyone, Jesuitical here. Obviously, eh? No matter! We are developing a brand new server based off of all of the Assassin's Creed games. We would like you to be a part of it.


The AC Survival Games is a server is a server with the goal of making the player have an amazing experience. ACSG will imitate, or try to, all of the current gamemodes that are in AC, and some that are not!

You are sure to have fun on this server, as it is both fast-paced and fun!


MobDisguise- We allow the disguising as villagers to help hide in crowds or sneak up on enemies, as on AC. You can use /md villager to disguise yourself. More disguises are given to donators, but please note that this could give you away, and possibly be your downfall.

TopPvP- We use TopPvP for more of the hardcore players. With this plugin we have leaderboards, kills, deaths, and even KDRs. Players with certain achievements with this will be rewarded. You can use /TopPvP help, or vice-versa, to accesss the help menu.

Thieves- Players can sneak behind players and have a chance to steal from their inventories.

Citizens- Special players can own their own personal NPC to guard their bases, sell items, or just show off.

RestockIt- We use this plugin to, well, restock the chests. There are chests both hidden and in the open all around the map to help you in both offense and defense. If there are any missing or unfair chests, or even a place you think there should be one, please let us know.


Free For All- This is the game mode that goes on when no staff are online and host a different game mode. In this, there is unlimited re-spawning, and no official teams. (Although you can ally with anyone that you want.) There are no rules in this game mode. Camping, hording, etc is all allowed. (Please continue to follow the global rules.)

Escort- In this game mode, everyone is separated into two teams. Each team has their 'VIP' player. VIP players are either dressed in full gold or full leather, depending on the team they are in. The team must protect their VIP at all costs, if he/she dies, your team loses the game. Global rules, and you cannot wear any armour (except for the VIP) but the headpiece that distinguishes what team you are on. This is so no one gets confused and friendly fires.

Chest Capture- This mode is almost exact;y the same as in AC. There are two chests on either side of the map. Depending on what team they are for, they will be surrounded by Gold or Diamond blocks. You have to retrive the contents of the opposing teams chest, and bring it back to your own. There will be a Staff member at each chest that will open the chest and retrieve the objective once you get near. You cannot capture if your objective is not in your team's chest. First one to completely get the objective in their chest, wins. Global rules, and if you are carrying an objective, you must select it and make it visible by everyone.

Team Deathmatch- This is a basic, one-round team deathmatch mode. You will be given helmets to distinguish yourselves, or told to disguise. The global rules are the only rules implemented in this game mode.

Juggernaut- This is our first completely custom game mode. In this mode, there will be one person selected, either by random or win, to be the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut will be dressed in full iron armour, with an iron sword. The Juggernaut's only objective is to survive. Once the Juggernaut has some time to run from spawn, everyone else would be released to try and kill him/her. Whoever kills the Juggernaut wins the game. Global rules.


• Do NOT PvP in the spawn area. It will be protected, but if you find a way past it, actions will be taken.

• Be respectful and keep the foul language to a minimum. Being based off of a popular video game, this server is sure to have a lot of young players. Please be careful and watch what you say.

• Do not spam. We have a plugin to minimalize spam, but please to not try. You are getting no where by doing it.

• No caps. Caps will NOT get you what you want. Hypocrisy, see what I did there? Caps is just annoying an unnecessary, please do not use them excessively.

• No hacking. This is the most important rule. We recently lost our server because of this, so it will be the most serious offense. Texture packs are included in this rule.


• Player- Our most important rank. You are in charge of staying on our server. Forever. Seriously, don't leave. Really.

• Spectator- After a while of being active and becoming trusted, we will give you the option to spectate matches. You will be invisible and able to fly, but nothing else. (We need a plugin for this, anyone know/interested? Simple as /spectate.)

• Donator*- Again, most important people. You have tremendously helped us get, and keep the server up.

• Gamemaker- You are in charge of hosting games. You will need to know and understand all information and rules and be able to repeat them and host the games properly. We will give you access to the necessary permissions and areas to do this job. Apply on our site.*

• Recruiter- Your job is to help to handle all whitelist applications, and to guide all new players if they need it. This is considered the "starting" staff rank. Apply on our site.

• Moderator- You have the responsibity of moderating our server. Kicks, bans, mutes, etc will be used by the moderators. We do not allow building or removing, so creative mode will not be necessary. Any global rule breaking is a serious offense, while breaking game rules are minor. Apply on our site.

• Administrator- Administrators look over and control the whole server. This is a pretty obvious rank. We will not be needing many Admin, but apply on our site.

Well that is it, guys. Thank you for being interested in us. Please comment if you would like to discuss our server.

Please visit our website and look around and chat with us and apply. Please note that the site is still under heavy construction and may be missing something. But please sign up and start our community
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06/30/2012 10:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Dude the server what happened
06/20/2012 10:01 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Skinner
Jesuitical why is ther server not up anymore what happend i tried to contact you for weeks now have you recieved any messages?

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