I am an Admin+ For RECRUITMENT!!! :)

Zhen89308/1/15 7:49 pm
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My name Is Matthew Contay.
I am 16 years Old currently and would like to apply for a staff position on your server.
I would like to apply for HeadAdmin,Admin,HeadMod,Or Co owner
The rank you give me will pertain to what you need/Want.
I think you will agree after reading My application that I am the perfect staff member for this server. Now, Enough Rambling, Lets get on with the Application!

So Why should I be staff? Well that is the most oppertune question to ask. Well I have many reasons that I should be staff, but again, Enough with all the rambling and lets start the application!

First off: I am a terrific builder, Well that is an under statement. I am a phenomonal Builder! I specialize in Nordic, Medieval and Modern (Modern to a certain degree)! I have built Many things for many servers.
And I am eager to build for you! I have helped numerous servers achieve greatness n building contests! Both from Planetminecraft and The Planetminecraft Forums!
Whatever you need to be built I can Build It!

Secondly: I am very well educated and very experienced in the field 0f plugins! I know almost every plugin both essential to the server and ones that are purely for fun!
I know the commands for all of these plugins and Will always be happy to help in a predicament you would face trying to fumble with these somewhat complecated commands!

And also: I am respectful. I believe respect is a large buildng block of having a smooth, healthy, and succesful server! So in order to benefit this "Large Building Block of a Server"...
I will be the most respectful to Everyone who is in return, Equally Respectful! I wll, by doing so create a safe, bully free atmosphere for the people to enjoy and recreate on the server!

Aswell As: I am trustworthy! Trustworthyness is very important in order to get things done in a timely fashion hence, making the difficult server process go faster and easier!

Meaning, If you have a specific job that needs to be done and you give it to me I will do this said Job even if I have to do it by myself, On time, when you expect it and how you expect it and maybe even better than you expected!

And then there's this: I am nice. Now I know you may get that alot but I am serious.

I am a genuine and kind person. I am one who feels empathy and will help players even if they have real life problems, this shall create a worry free environment for people to play and have fun on!

Sixth-ly: Going from my last statement I wont ABUSE My powers by bullying others. This means that I will not Grief,raid,troll,bully,hack, or tease anyone and everyone! (griefing and raiding will be done in survival in the event of a faction war of some sort, by not griefing or raiding I mean if someone is not in a faction and doing it solo I wont blow up their house in creative , got it?) I will not punish anyone in this way or more as long as there was not an act of disrespect among two members or two staff or a member and a staff!

For my Seventh statement I guess?: I am committed to this server. Meaning I will put in 2-3 hours every day for 5+ days per week!!! I will not abrubtly leave this server because it gets boring I will keep working hard to help this server grow and prosper! And I will always be helping and working on the server no matter what!

My Final statement: So these are the reasons You should make me staff on your server! I hope that I am accepted and I do very much look foward to working with you and the other staff members! If you would like my skype it Is - Zhen_8930!

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