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Vexius started 5/18/18 5:52 pm history
Anime2 replied 5/18/2018 7:03 pm
Hey there!

I am the Owner of Vexius Survival. We are currently looking for some
GOOD staff members, we have some good staff members currently but are
looking for some dedicated staff members that can play in other timezones so we dont have 10 staff members online at same time and the rest of the day there is none.

I could write a lot about the server but we are basically a Survival server with custom bosses, quests, jobs, towns, landclaim, and a lot of other stuff.

We need all kind of staff. We want you to be
atleast 16+ - What we need right now is an active and good Admin
(manager) which can take care of community/forum and maybe be able to
set up plugins (otherwise I will help you along the way) We have a lot
of projects so we require quality staff members to help us out!

About server:

Peak times: 40-50 players
Low times: 10+ players
Discord: 300 members
Server: Launched 11 febuary 2018.
Dedicated server: www.ovh.com

Usually people apply on the forum, but right now I want 100% serious applications sent to our email: vexiusnetwork@gmail.com - Dont make it too long, but tell about

- The position you wish (Helper/Mod/SrMod/Admin/Manager)
- Yourself
- Discord/skype name
- Age
- Previous experience
- Time you can dedicate to the server on a weekly basis

Hope to hear from you!

Server IP: Vexius.org

Website: www.vexius.org
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05/18/2018 7:03 pm
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- The position you wish (Helper/Mod/SrMod/Admin/Manager) Manager
- Yourself What does this mean?
- Discord/skype name IgneousMC#9171
- Age Prefer not to say as PMC can be viewed by anyone but I will privately say if asked by staff.
- Previous experience Yes, I do have previous, and also current, server moderation experience and leadership experience. I have been put in many moderator positions and leadership roles in real life and online. For online positions, the first time was when I first started playing Minecraft on a small server and I would play for hours upon hours and I gained their trust and was given helper and kept it for at least a year. I was promoted to a moderator then and tested out world edit and things didn't go so well because I messed up the command and was then demoted but eventually promoted again because they knew it was an honest mistake. I've been in a few roleplay groups and I started out in Brooke and I have had a staff position whether it be moderator/admin or owner in each group (just depending on the amount of time I have and what roles she has made) that she has created starting 2 years ago until now. I'm currently an admin for her and the way it works in her group is that I am doing the same amount of work as an owner. For real-life situations I would prefer to talk about them in private because again it may give out my age which I'm okay with staff knowing but not just anyone that could be reading for privacy reasons, I hope you can respect that and I apologize for doing it this way. I will explain this much though, I have been in many groups in real life that deal with having good grades, being responsible, being mature, etc. I have never broken anyone's trust intentionally and I do not plan to. What I mean by this is some people see me as a bad person but they won't hear the whole story so they don't trust me because of things they may have heard or things that were misinterpreted. I have learned from that though and I try to get my point across in a more clear way because I will admit, I struggle with that and I'm not afraid to admit it.. I've had more leadership skill's most of them were owning a couple of server's that were very small i've owned a server with around 25-30 player's and it was stable each day but the owner couldn't afford paying the server bills and i'm currently Admin on another server which is just trying to get more staff and finishing the rest of the Network so i would have alot of time to spend on Vexius but i don't like being toxic but sometime's i am as being immature i do admit to being immature sometime's but it sometimes gets the best of me
- Time you can dedicate to the server on a weekly basis it depends. On weekends usually around 11+ hours and on week days around 5-7+ hours
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I would like to help but I can't do plugins because I don't know how so I would like to be a normal admin, also I don't have a mic, and when I get one, well I prefer not to use one, also I'd like to be a server admin but have no previous experience and can dedicate about 10 hours every week, I am 18 and my discord name is AteamGaming#9760, and my Minecraft username is Trashtorias.
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