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[‚ÄčTITLE FIGHT] This is a semi-op survival server. Includes, enhanced custom features (enchants), semi-op kits (netherite starter kit), commands (free /fly), and more implements during gameplaying!

We have various plugins to bring simplicity, vanilla-like feel but more on the "straight to the point" kinda way. There's no goal on this server. You can create a team (/team) and bring your friends. I want Title Fight to be a chill, safe and fun server community for every person. Each player has /nick, /chatcolor, and other customizable commands to enjoy. It's still survival, so I added other surprises in the game. Up for the challenge? Come check it out!

>> https://discord.gg/5K9rZfQ <<
IP: titlefight.secure.pebble.host
No Lag | 24/7 | NOT P2W (pay to win)
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