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created 12/07/2017 11:14 am by TheWorldHost
last reply 12/08/2017 5:51 am

Hello, I am here to represent the Project Development team at Aeonia. What are we, you might ask? Well, we are both nothing and a aspiring server with a unique idea. Though, we need a couple more Project Developers to help with planning and setting up for our development phase. So what we are looking for are competent yet fun-loving partners to help assist in this process of creation (1-2 to be exact). You must meet the requirements below and be able to stay consistent with the project.

  • Be able to pitch in reasonable and mostly original ideas regularly ( Features, ranks, perks, permissions, plugins, etc.)
  • Be able to commit daily activity to contribute to planning and development ( Sometimes you will need to self advocate, work alone, and propose your work as a suggestion. )
  • You must be 14+
  • You must have suffice skills within either configuration, building, developing, or graphics design.
  • You must be able to learn new things to be able to assist in other fields over time.
  • Contributing payment is not required but highly recommended.
Now, here is a list of people and skills we have on our team.

  • Ethernity is the owner of our Dedicated 16-32 (TBD) server, where we will host two servers off of and he will connect with the website, domain, databases, and plugins! A big ol' mess of smart things!
  • We have me as the creator of the custom map, assisting the configuration of plugins, documents, and working on the game mode over time.
  • Fortuna assists in the creation of command blocks that in the future will work in correlation with our plugins to help bring our gamemode to life.

This is simple. Please send a message to Regnozes#4631 to begin an interview.
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12/08/2017 5:51 am
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Still looking!




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