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AlatharGaming [Survival] [No Downtime] [Brand New!]

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created 08/31/2012 11:23 pm by AlatharGaming
Hey everyone!

before i start, key information:
Current limit: 36 players (planning on expanding)

now that that's done, allow me to explain

So my friends and i have had a server on hamachi and have been tossing up whether to make it public or not for quite a long time now. we finally came to the decision to buy and host a server (the server is created on the 27th of August 2012) we have a whole list of plugins that we think have become staple to minecraft survival servers things such as; Mcmmo, towny, lockette, essentials, and a bunch of others which have all been slightly customized to make the gaming experience fun but not cluttered.

We've put a lot of thought into the server and think that this server's great in that we don't plan on babying anyone through the game. While we will be there to help things like griefing, if you aren't protecting your chests or homes then griefing is allowed. Pvp is activated in non-town area's or can be activated in towns. Towns are relatively easy to obtain and meet upkeep when you are able to gain money from killing monsters as well as sell things to a vast admin shop, but it also helps to have more friends involved in your town. The donation system is fully active and gives discounts for bulk payments that are not ridiculously over priced, as well as rewards such as the title architect for those who have amazing town designs or creative builds which deserve recognition.

there are 3 owners and an admin at the moment who are all very active players and have been on minecraft for a long time. all of us are around 20 years old so we didn't create this server on a whim, we've thought out very carefully what we hope to achieve with it and would love to see it grow!

once again some key information (incase you missed it )
The current server IP is:
It is a dedicated server with 2GB ram and a player limit set to 36, we plan to expand this depending on donations and how the server runs as a whole. based in California but the three owners are Australian (we don't notice the lag at all so we thought basing it where there was a higher population base will help in the long term)

open to all constructive criticism, hope to see you around. we need pioneers who are willing to help nurture this server to be one of the greatest!

hope to see you online!
Flarvain, Ironeagle92 & Lawlietskyy
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