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Altumus - Medieval RP Coming soon! - Looking for professional builders and Staff!

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created 02/05/2019 5:37 pm by NightlyGam3r
last reply 02/21/2019 3:47 pm

Who We Are
Altumus is a professionally made Role Playing server. We try to put emphasis on all areas in Minecraft, by working as a team. Together we can create something awesome, something people have never experienced on Minecraft. Let's work together to bring back role play. We are divided into separate departments, which together formed Altumus. Our priority is keeping our players enjoyed, and keeping our server professional. What we will accomplish together is far beyond what just one person could do.

Our Goals
We hope to go beyond just a small community and reach out into the stars. Our staff team are actively working on the server, and will continue to do so, because, they want to. With our builds, plugins, and effort, we strive to make a successful server. As a team we want to host a community with people from all around the globe. Unlike most servers, our goal is to make the player's enjoyment our top priority. Donations will always be accepted and always put forth to the server and its development. Altumus will one day be a large network.

What Have We Done So Far?
Our server is on it's way to coming out to the public, expected release date is Unknown. On the server the builds and plugin are near the finish line. We will strive to get this done and out there, we hope to get it done before the release date.

So What Exactly Are We Looking For?
Good question. We are looking for highly skilled staff members who can make this server come alive. To make up our build team, YouTube network, development team, administrators, etc. We want people who have a history, people who can work in hectic environments, people who overall can have a good time whilst doing their job. We cannot stress enough how much we value experience and skill.

What Positions Are Available To Me?
We have quite a list of positions we need people to hold. (I'll go into more detail of each below) We need Developers, Builders, PvP Specialist(s), Forum Moderators, a Cinematic Production team, General Administrators, Event Coordinator and Manager.

Developer: As you probably know, this is a very important role for networks of this kind. Considering that the plugins, mobs, etc will be custom coded. It's important to properly fulfill this position. You can work together with a team of programmers to develop custom plugins for hundreds of players to enjoy. It's not a required position, but it sure is important. Cooperation is essential for this position, as we need people who can work together.

Build Team/Manager: Of course this is an essential part of every server. With the right builders with background of building and a nice and neat portfolio we can do great things with them. We want builders who can work together, collaborate and come up with astounding builds. As the manager it will be your job to recruit new members, coordinate projects, answer questions, and make sure your team is working together. We cannot stress enough how much we value decent builders, but ones who are active.

Cinematic Producer: This is an essential part to showing off our server as the best. The duty of this job is to take extraordinary cinematic pictures and videos for uploads and trailers. We will often have events such as build offs, builds that require spotlights, and other pictures and videos that need to be done with quality. Use mods such as shaders/other supportive tools.

Website Designer and Developer: For this position you have to know how to code and create a website. We currently have a minimal website, but it does its job. Until we earn enough money from donations, we will utilize what we can afford. Once we do have the money we will need someone who knows how to set up a better forum website.

Event Coordinator and Manager: In this position, your job is to come up with ideas, events, and concepts to increase the playerbase. This job will utilize the builders, developers, and various social media to produce interesting events for the community to benefit from. The sky is the limit, or, well Minecraft's max build height. You must be reasonably active and interested in improving the server as a whole. Some examples of events: Pvp tournaments, build offs, giveaways, parties, etc. You will work directly with the owner.

Forum Moderator: We of course, to keep our forums nice and clean we need a forum moderator. We need you to be active, and capable of doing your job. Your duty will be to make sure posts are not negative, do not advertise, nor do they show any disrespect and that they are viewable to everyone.

Things To Take Note Of:
Please feel free to ask as many questions as your heart desires.
Serious members are appreciated.
All positions are voluntary.
All applicants are subject to an interview.
Preferred age is to be sixteen or older, but we value maturity over age any day,
We have a website:
Thanks for joining Altumus and its development.
If you have questions about joining feel free comment or join the server.
At the end of every month 80% of extra donation money will be donated to fundraisers.

Want to get in contact?
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Level 2 : Apprentice Architect

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02/21/2019 3:47 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Architect
Still looking for staff!

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