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Anyone that can start creating a server with me! (Original SMP Idea)

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created 05/17/2018 4:15 am by WidowFighter135

I currently in need of a co-owner that could work with me.
I'm trying to make an SMP server but not like a normal SMP server I'm trying to create a server on an outdated version like the beta stage, version 1.5 and so on. Why am I doing this? It's because I want to let the players feel what it was like to play in those earlier stages of Minecraft and how the gameplay changes. And also not another server has done this and it would be amazing if we did it. It would get lots of players attractions to join the server.

Also, the co-owner will sometimes have to pay for the server. The pay will only take $1 or so, so don't worry.

If you interested... add me on discord Widow#7215

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