AptitudeMC - Divergent Server - COMING SOON!

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"Faction, before blood."

Hello, and welcome to this thread! This thread is mainly here to explain an upcoming server, AptitudeMC! AptitudeMC is a server coming soon, solely based towards the divergent book series and film series! We have a lot to do still, as we just started, but we are currently looking for staff! If you are interested in a staff position, please apply on our website, at:
aptitudeminecraft.enjin.com - Apply under the 'apply' tab! We currently only have the apps open for Jr. Mod, but you can also apply for developer and builder, and if you are moved on to an interview, we will ask you for things related to that there. Also, unless we get enough 'group pay' for the website each month, the website may have to shut down and move to a free website, as we are currently paying $35 a month for our servers in general, as it is also bungeecord!

So, get involved with our community now by joining our discord at https://discord.gg/Q8MfYUF. Thank you!
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