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Arcane Servers | Need Staff, SKYBLOCK | Factions coming soon

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created 03/18/2019 2:06 pm by OutrunningKarma
last reply 03/19/2019 1:26 am
Welcome to Arcane Servers a brand new soon to be Server Network. Currently we only have Skyblock but it has a lot of custom features. The server is currently only 1.8.x - 1.8.9, we used to be 1.8.x - 1.13.2 however there were some stability issues and we'd like to get those fixed up before we move on to the other versions. Feel free to join the Arcane Servers community discord:

Furthermore, we're looking for dedicated staff members and those who are looking to put forth the effort to make Arcane Servers an amazing place to hangout and have some fun with friends and or family. I hope to see you on the server. Server IP is in the discord, join

Arcane Server Owner,

If the invite is not working feel free to add me on discord: nate#0420
Much love, <3
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2 replies

03/18/2019 3:29 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
Good luck with your server!:D
03/19/2019 1:26 am
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