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Arcev [1.7.10 - 1.8]

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created 09/21/2018 4:38 am by Dethaway34
last reply 09/22/2018 9:47 pm
Hello! My name is Arcev. This wonderful server I am creating is a hardcore factions/kits.
This server is in a developmental phase, however it is available to join @

I will try my best to keep this post updated! However in-game related updates are in website forums.

Spoiler - What the server is about
First off all, this is a fresh community founded ~7d ago (9/14).
I knew it was essential to create something people liked and enjoyed with a bit of building, PvP, and a good amount of activites to involve a player in.

The server itself is just in its early stages and creating something truely what people will like will take time. The Staff
members that I currently have like the server, are relatively active, and are a part of a small but honest community that enjoys a bit of fun.

Rules are pretty common and self-explainatory, however I tried my best to allow people a bit of freedom in their actions and while still making it fair and balanced to the best of my ability.
I understand that I am not perfect, and may have some broken mechanics, but as the single Developer/Founder I took it upon myself to do such a thing to make sure people enjoy it.

As a addition, I want to make clear that the server itself is a NA server im hoping in the future to add better support to EU and SA.
Spoiler - Current Resources
As per to create a community, you need to create ways for people to interact and communicate with each other.
As such, A website, teamspeak, discord, and forums are a perfect way for people to communicate as many ways as people would see fit.
Information related to in-game are in the website (Rules page coming soon)
All the info is mainly provided via the website, however if you NEED to contact me about a question join my discord or Teamspeak. I will be there. If im not, just leave a message. Ill see it eventually.
Teamspeak: (Update soon)
I wanted to make clear here that the infrastructure of the in-game
mechanics (plugins, etc) not be discussed with me in a open manner. I
may refuse to answer questions related to them.
Spoiler - click to reveal
- Hardcore Factions itself.
This may seem silly, however the HCF itself is NOT available at the moment. Updates @
- Practice.
As I see it, this will be a future endevour. I want to make and add it, however it is something I cannot sustain atm while HCF and Kits is being created/tested.
- Kits
This is the only active and OPEN portion of the server at the moment. It acts as a staging ground to detect and eleminate bugs/exploits and optimize the servers performance.
This is also where any new features will be tested and feedback will be provided. It will also give you a feel for the HCF that is upcoming.
Hardcore factions and Kits are a strict NON-p2w. Kits does NOT have donor ranks. As of current, there is no reason to create them yet as I need to add more features and cool things to make them viable. However you will still be able to support me via good will donations.
Future instances of HCF and Kits will include Donor ranks. The ranks themselves wont have any game-breaking items and are only there to accelerate progress of builds, longevity of player activity, and cosmetics. They wont have direct impacts on PvP for balance reasons.
Spoiler - About Myself
I am a 19 year old, College student who likes Minecraft. I have been a minecraftian for ~5+ years. Honesty and responsibilty is my goals and so is Arcev as a server. A good old fashioned community for Minecraft is overdue. Toxic players and other negative things are not what I want with anyone. I will try my best, when the opportunity presents itself, to be able to communicate with others about issues.

If you wish that I add more information, contact me via here, Discord ,Teamspeak, or in-game and I will add them ASAP. Thanks.
I hope to see you on Arcev!
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09/22/2018 9:47 pm
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Hello,hope that server grow




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