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ArfCentral Builders & Staff Needed!!!

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created 08/10/2018 3:06 am by ArfCentral
I have just created a server named ArfCentral. ArfCentral is currently a SkyWars and PvP server, the only thing built

is a basic spawn. I am looking for Builders and Staff to help with the creation and growth of the server. Any Builder

accepted will get Builder and Admin Rank on ArfCentral as long as the person is responsible. Any Staff accepted

will start as a Rookie and eventually will move up to Admin Rank. The server is on Bedrock edition, so Minecraft

Windows 10 edition is Recommended. If your application will get accepted your job will be explained further on

Discord. The Staff and Builders will not be paid! If you have any questions please contact me on Discord @

Please use the application format below:

Please Be Honest While Answering Each Question!!!

Application Format:

1: How old are you?

2: What is your gender?

3: What Time Zone do you live in?

4: What is your Minecraft Username?

5: How long have you been playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition for?

6: Do you have a Mic?

7: Do you have Discord? If so, what is your Discord username?

8: What position are you applying for? (Builder or Staff)

9: Have you been banned on any other server in the past? If so, for what?

10: If you catch a hacker on the server, what would you do? (Answer must be at least one line long)

11: Do you understand that if you abuse your rank on the server you WILL be permanently banned from ArfCentral?

12: Do you understand that as a staff member of ArfCentral, you will act maturely during any situation?

13: Do you understand that you will not be paid for being a Staff Member/Builder on ArfCentral?

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