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created 08/21/2019 10:38 am by Pxrcs history

  So I've got this server I've been running, and I don't know what to do with it, the rig has a 3.4ghz quad core cpu and 8gb [6gb to the server],
  and around 40 plugins.
  It's running 1.14.4. and has no known issues at the current time, though I myself seem to know what I want to do with it, but not how,
  I'm more than willing to learn, but I just seem to be more comfortable finding someone who's well rounded in plugins like mythicmob,
  permissionsex, making an economy, shop and so forth, while yes, I could learn all of this, it's not that hard in the first place,
  not like it's python or anything, you know?

  So, basically, i'm looking for people who have spare time on their hands to help me out with building this server as well as configuring
  the plugins and to answer a few questions about how to do certain things, and learn how to work the plugins as I go rather than
  spending a bunch of time learning, when I can just have a good way of meeting some friends and making something fun for people.
  I'll fill you in on other stuff I want in the server, but it's really just a way for people to come together to create a bigger idea than what
  I have myself, which is kind of the point of making the server,
  So yeah, here's some of my info if you're interested at all,
  and thanks,

  Discord: Parcs#3201
  Twitter: @Notparcs
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