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AzureMC | Recruiting Talented Builders

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created 12/06/2016 5:38 pm by Geekles
AzureMC has been around for at least a month now. We've been building up a fairly successful community but as more players begin to join the network we are in great need of setting new features up on our network. Azure's goal is to be different from other networks, we work towards creativity, and unique game modes while providing a fun and welcoming community. By joining us you'll be teaming up with a small network that plans on expanding towards constructing larger dreams with many projects I believe you'll be interested to be apart of.

The requirements to join our build team is simple, you must be of at least 14 years of age, must be available most of the week (preferably an hour a day) and a willing participant to work both with others and independently. Working with a team is important to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Sometimes you may be assigned a specific task or the rest of the team may not be on while you're on the server, in this case you must be able to figure things out on your own with out me instructing you what should be done in useless detail, you should be able to use your judgement as to what should be added. Either way you are expected to complete any tasks that have been assigned. As well I have no intention of paying you anything (at least as of now). This isn't a temporary job if you apply but rather a permanent one, to become among one of the builders of a small group of very talented builders that I am putting together. I myself I'm familiar with both building and the development of custom plugins. However although I have a couple useful skills I can't afford to be constantly working on constructing a custom build while also developing new plugins etc... I believe there are builders like me who've perhaps made their own private server and use it to develop their skills. Now I'm giving a chance to those types of builders to become a part of a group of builders with similar goals and different areas of expertise. I'm looking for builders who are willing to challenge their creativity. I will expect a portfolio with at least one or two builds. Please include your style of building and how well you believe you fit with the requirements given. Your builds will be strictly evaluated so please be sure you display the best of your builds.

If you have any further questions or concerns please private message me. Feel free to create your application by replying to this thread, or by private messaging me.

Important Information:
Website: (under development)

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