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៛AzuronMC៛ || a community wich aims at improvment

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created 02/23/2019 6:28 am by Azarius
Greeting future Azurians,

I myself am the owner of a small server that has just opened it's doors to the the minecraft community. You can call this server AzuronMC or Azuron for short.

Azuron has been thru a lot of overhauls thru the past 8 moths. We have had a lot of players and staff members that have left us behind. We had people that tried to sabotage us once. But the spirit of the real Azurians hasn't did of yet. We kept fighting for our server. But we came to a halt we see more people leave each day. We are now left with just a tiny community of inactive players.

This is the point in time i must ask you the minecraft community to aid us a bit. We azurians would love you and everyone else of this community to join us in making a REAL community server. We would love to improve the minecraft community with you guys.

Our aims are to improve the minecraft gameplay experience of everyone and to get a good engaging community. We aim for improvement of the server. We aim at the improvment of ourselves. The biggest goal of an azurian is to create a community where we can help each other and a community of people who have a passion for what they do.

So every Builder, PVPer, redstoner and everyone else come forward and join us. We can't improve alone do why not come join us. I'm sure you are able to find someone with the same interests as you do.

We wish you all a happy life full of new and interesting events.

The server Ip is to be found on the discord server

Sincerly Azuron
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