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AzuronMC || Looking for staff and builders || Rpg and Skyblock server

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created 01/18/2019 4:22 pm by TigerClaw12
Hello Minecrafters,

The Azuron community thanks you for clicking on this thread and to take the time to read it!

Let's start with what Azuron actually is. Azuron itself is a rpg and Skyblock server that is looking to improve the minecraft gameplay and evenually give it an entire overhaul and make it even more awsome! We are looking for Staff members and builders that are passionate about what they do. We aren't a server that will give up and we would like to have you as part of this community.

Alright something we want to introduce to you are our plans for the future. one of them is to make a lively enviroment for our community that they're able to enjoy. we are looking to make wonderfull worlds for our RPG world with quests and a storyline that can catch the players attention in an instant. The Skyblock world will also get a overhaul in the gameplay.

Now you've here were we would liek to go with the server now it time to look at what kind of staff we are looking for. Here a list of wich staff memebers we need in our team.

- Developers

- Admins

- Moderators

- Helpers

- Builders

- Content Team (writers for quests and to flesh out the details in the story,)

- Digital Artist ( To make new textures, Banners and logos for the server)

Ok now where do i apply i hear ask? just scroll down :P

- Discord:

(to aplly on discord you go to the #application_format channel and you post your answers in the #application channel)

The AzuronMC community thanks you for your time and wishes you a great 2019!

Have a fun year everyone and make the best of it!

- AzuronMc community

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