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Bending Masters | FT. Towny/Runecraft/Avatar/Dungeons

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created 03/13/2018 1:48 am by Darkermoon

Bending Masters


Enjin Website

(Minecraft Version 1.12.2)

- Fast Paced PvP
- Towny Focused Survival
- Runecraft
- HealthBars & Stronger Mobs
- Dungeons
- Bounties
- Quests
- EULA Compliant

In this server you can control the elements, Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Just like in the Legend of Korra or Legend of Aang TV Show. Use these players to help you in Survival, Minigames, Quests and soon Hunger Games!
There is alot to learn in-game and a small tutorial is available at spawn.
The maximum health is also 20 hearts, which increases as you kill mobs.

Join in and enjoy the new Features like Mob Arena!

-Simple Ingame Rules-
Griefing and raiding is allowed in unclaimed terrain.
No running away to tp away in arenas.
Be respectful with players and staff.
No mods or hacks that would give an unfair advantage.
Do not exploit shop loops, please report them.
Swearing is allowed if its not excessive or disrespectful.
Please do not complain in PvP.
Upper Staff will judge specific cases.

Discord :
Discord Invite
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Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer




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