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[BITCRAFT] Looking for Staff for our Factions/Skywars server!(Moderators, Developers, and 1 Admin)

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created 08/14/2018 9:27 pm by sirben0943
last reply 08/18/2018 3:25 pm
Hello! We are currently looking for staff for our MC server BitCraft. A SkyWars/Factions based server, which will also be consisting of free-build, PVP, and creative and any other games that our requested by our players.
The server isn't yet released, and is currently in development as of right now. We will be accepting 1 dev, 2 mods, and 1 admin. We will update this form as updates come and go. We are also looking for someone to manage emails, our reddit, and website in the later coming months. Any information and the requirements that we are looking for have been listed below this thread. We are not paying and $, this is a free opportunity. We accept all devs but it is much preferred if you are very experienced with code and plugins and can develop plugins from scratch as needed for our server. :)

  • You must be 13 years or older
  • You must be mature
  • Have good grammar
  • Know what it means to be staff and what you know about the position that you are applying for (if you end up doing so)
  • You must have an email account


To get started please fill out this application by Clicking Here, or by emailing us at [email protected]
Once you have submitted the form I and or the staff will decide if you meet the requirements of a staff, and if you have what it takes to be one.
From there we will send you a email, (to the email that you submitted in the form) telling you if you are being promoted or denied
If you are promoted, will will send you a email which will be the same one letting you know if you are promoted or not, along with the server IP and other useful links.
From there you will then go in game and I and the staff will give you a series of questions and scenarios.
If you are accepted, you are officially staff!

(we are asking for a lot in order to apply, but this is to ensure that you have what it takes and that you can do the job)


Hosting Service: PebbleHost

Server Name: BitCraft

Server Adress: Will be given after applying, don't want random people joining my server, lol.

Minecraft Version: 1.10-1.12.2

Server Edition: Modded, Spigot

Server Ram : 5 GB

Gamemode: Creative

Server Type: Factions, Skywars, Freebuild, Creative, and anything else suggested by the community.

The server is also backed up 24/7.

Have any questions or comments? Or maybe you fuc**** hate us?(jk, lol) Please contact [email protected]

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08/18/2018 3:25 pm
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