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Booka Craft- Staff Recruitment

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created 01/16/2019 12:43 pm by NeonfictionX
Hello everyone!

Booka Craft is an upcoming, brand new, unique and professional server! We are hiring trustworthy, knowledgeable

players as staff to help us with release since we expect it to start off with approximately 300 players right off the bat.

We have unrivaled marketing strategy, so be sure this server is going to become something big and we would like to

have you be a part of this big, enjoyable, and competitive environment. We will need YOUR help in order to be even

more successful and establish the server as one of the leading multiplayer servers out there! Add

UGOTBAITED#0991 on discord and text me if you are interested into joining our staff team as either a Mod or a

Helper, or you could just fill out the application linked here and then contact me :)BookaCraft

Thank You for Your time and have a great day!

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