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Brand New DvZ-like Mini-Game Server!

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created 05/25/2013 5:24 pm by funkiben
last reply 02/28/2014 11:31 pm
I just finished coding a server using Bukkit that runs a 24/7 DvZ game. Currently, its not that popular and needs a lot more people on, so thats why I'm posting this. It is not like the DvZ you see in videos however, its a bit different. On my DvZ variation it so to get items you must build walls around the shrine. You get diamond armor, a bow, a sword, magic healing slime, and some if your lucky a couple of these:

- Land Mines <--- AWESOME
- Veneficus Staff (Right click freezes monsters, left click damages monsters) <-- probably the best staff
- Totem (heals nearby dwarfs)
- Turret <-- AWESOME
- Potestas Staff (shoots volleys of arrows on right click, stuns monster with left click)
- Sanitatum Staff (slows monsters on left click, right click heals nearby dwarfs)
- Axe O' Winds (Right click to launch yourself in the air)
- Shield
- Ice bow
- Bow O' Many Arrows
- Magic Bombs
- Vulcans Axe

All of these items use mana AKA your exp, which charges up to 100. Some items also have short cooldowns as well.

I give dwarfs 6 minutes to build and prepare, until one assassin is picked. You can volunteer for assassin by typing /assasin (Yes i know its spelled wrong) All the dwarfs that die turn into monsters like normal DvZ. Some monster classes I have:

- Zombie
- Skeleton
- Creeper
- Enderman
- Blaze
- Pigman
- Snowman
- Spider
- Cave Spider
- Wolf
- Wither Skeleton
- Evil Chicken
- Hungry Cow
- Iron Golem

Soon to come mobs: Angry Villager
To break the shrine as monster right click with suicide pill then target a shrine block when it charges up.

I am also currently working on classes, like what the DvZ you see in videos have. Right now there arent really enough people playing for it to work out. The blacksmiths usually dont make enough armor for everyone.

I also have a map type where you cant build or break blocks. They have prebuilt castles and defenses around the shrine and you get items immediately. These go by fast but are extremely fun.

Between games is a 3 minute waiting period where you can PvP players or do the parkour by UrticantChip40 to get some cool items.

Some useful commands:
/rules <-- very important

I just recently released this, and I'm pretty sure I have gotten rid of most of the major bugs, but I only just released this, so there may be a few that I missed. If you find one please report it to the staff.
One major bug makes it so monsters dont turn red when they are hit, so it will appear as if the monsters are invincible, but they arent.
There also be some chunk errors when maps regenerate.

Come and join now!

I also have a plain survival server with pvp world and non-pvp world that has factions you can check out. Its not very good in my opinion and I would like to get rid of it but for some reason it has gotten sort of popular with my players and thy dont want me to get rid of it. IP is

Server Post with pics:

Also check out the server website where I post news for my server:
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4 replies

02/28/2014 11:31 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Mage
Ha this is an old post...
Look at this: ... -and-more/
02/28/2014 11:29 pm
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Great server funkiben
07/23/2013 5:28 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Mage
Hello i had forgotten about this post
07/23/2013 4:46 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Narwhal
This is a great high quality server, I highly recommend it. Come and join in on the fun

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