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Broken Worlds Roleplay - A Dwarf-Fortress Themed Roleplaying Server

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created 11/05/2018 11:12 am by BrokenWorldsST
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Broken Worlds
We are a role-playing Minecraft server, whose community has stuck together for 6 years. Our fantasy-based settings are custom written, with custom maps, that change every world. We are currently on the third world of our current incarnation.

We currently have a small number of plugins and mods, so the Technic Launcher is advised.

The End
Spoiler - click to reveal

With a world crumbling to an end at his feet, Beor Fellhammer, First and Last Dwarven God of the Second Pantheon, cradles in his palm his cherished homeland.

On every side is the end of all things, and so Beor closes his hands around his homeland and plunges into the void between worlds: a fate long thought of as death to a deity.

He finds that he and his homeland are safe from the rapture but oh, so alone. Growing concerned that his dwarves will live out their lives in his hands, he forges a mighty blessing of stone to keep them frozen in time until a better fate awaits them.

Ages pass in the void, Beor striding on, intent on finding a new realm. On occasion, he crosses through doorways into other worlds, old and new and plain and exciting but none of them suit his needs. Sometimes, he will pass a window and take note of a valiant dwarf, stalwart and on the precipice of death. He invites these dwarves through the aperture and claims them to join in his new realm.

As he passes one window, something catches his eye. Yes, that's what his dwarves would need: A seed! A small crumb of a world toppling into the void. Plucking this morsel from the void, Beor finds himself faced with a hulking, one-eyed dragon with sleek black scales. Between its two claws it also clasps the seed.

A tense aeon briefly passes.

A pact is made.

Between them there grows a new world from the seed of an old one.

On the new land Beor placed his home, breaking the stone with which he blessed his kin.

On this world, the Dragon placed his chosen, starting to follow the example of the dwarf and taking noble kin from worlds near and far.

Though the two peoples would clash, the two gods would watch over it eternal, letting it spin alone on its own axis, old gods be damned.
The Beginning
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Dwarves from all realms and times have found themselves waking up in a small, rudimentary chapel, dedicated to Beor. This chapel is, in turn, found within a larger Fortress; Rakust Dosîm.

The world outside has been changed drastically. Surrounding the Fortress; a gigantic chasm pockmarked with caves, with a magma ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

Dwarves have settled into their new surroundings, building rooms, workshops and chambers to suit their needs. As the population grows and more questions arise, only time will tell what will be revealed.

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On this server, you will be playing a character. For this world, specifically, you will be playing a Dwarf who has been displaced from their home (whether they remember that or not, is up to you).

Think of a backstory, which can be as detailed as you want. Where does your Dwarf come from? What are their interests? How do they talk and act? Are they brave or cowardly? All these little nuances will add up to create a truly memorable character.

You can be any profession you wish, from mechanically-based ones such as blacksmiths, farmers and alchemists, to more roleplay-based ones, such as scholars, explorers, cheesemakers, and many more. Our team of Storytellers and Community Moderators will do their best to allow each player to form their own stories and make their own experiences.

The Rules
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How To Join
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  • Visit our Wiki to read up on our rules and history.

  • Join the Discord via the link on the front page.

  • Fill the application in to get whitelisted.

  • Log on and play!

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    12/10/2018 5:30 am
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    Our most recent event was one of golems; a 'sentient' golem in one of the old parts of the Fortress, in an effort to 'repair' a Dwarf, turned on the old manufactory systems. Instead of using iron, he used pork.

    What followed was an endless torrent of protein that was stemmed by a number of brave Dwarves. The Fortress is now safe, at least for a little while.
    12/06/2018 4:56 pm
    Level 1 New Miner
    Our playerbase has grown to over 100 members in the past few months!




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