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Aeonis started 03/01/2016 7:50 pm
[size=150][b][center]We are Team Glaciem, a minecraft buildteam, and we are looking for


for our Server.[/center][/size]

[b]We expect you to have experience with at least one of the following:[/b]

[list]- Graphic design
- Video recording and editing
- Lore writing
- Building
- Project planning[/list]

[b]You should have basic knowledge of[/b]

[list]- World edit
- Essentials
- Permissions Ex[/list]

Being a Staff member for Glaciem is a full time job. You have to deal with all kind of issues that a build team server comes with. That means project planning, advertising, community support, lore creating, working on our Wikia site and much more.

You will be an important part of our staff team with a lot of responsibility. You will help to develop our special showcase projects and take part in our storyline. Our expectations are high but when you give it a try, you will have a great time, find new friends and learn a lot about building and server administration.

Last but not least something that we can't and don't want to offer you is fame and money.

[b]If you want to know more about us or our projects visit us on[/b]
or come on our server: [color=#FF8040][b]glaciem.nitrous.it[/b] [/color]

[b]You are now interested in leading a server with us? - mail us [url=mailto:teamglaciem@gmail.com]teamglaciem@gmail.com[/url] or message us here with some details about yourself and we will contact you to have a comprehensive conversation.[/b]
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