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BuildAtNight [FTB] [SURVIVAL] [1.12.2] [COMMUNITY]

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created 04/16/2018 8:58 pm by SMagicBaconS
last reply 04/16/2018 10:06 pm
Are you looking for a great server to form friendships, relax and most importantly, build amazing things? If so BuildAtNight is the place for you!
But what makes BuildAtNight so special?
BuildAtNight is a survival server with much to offer including:
Mature, level headed and friendly staff members. We have many admins/mods who take care of any trouble.
The best community about, which are more than happy to help anyone, with virtually anything, making this the ideal place for people new to Minecraft
A Ranks system to cater for different building styles, whether you enjoy making natural styled builds or if Redstone is your thing, we have you covered
Reporters that regularly post on our website to keep you updated with news and events on Tumblr or our site. Why not check it out: xD
There are numerous towns, each with a dedicated mayor. There are 3 mayors: ThePuffle, Marvelpuppy and FidgetyAtom!
Region posts and warps to different areas of our large map (did I mention we have dynmap?)
Various helpful plugins including GreifPrentions (giving you guys the ability to protect your own builds). If you forgot to protect it and someone griefs, don’t worry, we have you covered with our anti grief plugins. We can tell who griefed, ban them and then we can roll back any damage done as if it never happened.
Regular creative contests with a different theme every time. The top 3 places even get prizes!
Our own Buildatnight room to share your music with our community!!
If you plan on joining us then we will welcome you, we always welcome new Members, Enjoy!
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