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Builder Applications - New Roleplay Server - Custom Plugins - Custom Textures - Serious RP / Open RP

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created 04/29/2018 9:23 am by Busied

This forum post is to inform Builders that the new RP server being created is now accepting applicants. All information needed is in the Google Forums application section.Information about the server will, for now, stay classified but all the information needed to know is;- MRP will have Custom Plugins, Textures and the map.- MRP has skilled Staff Members & Builders with over 2 Years of experience.- MRP is a non-whitelisted server but has very strict RP rules.
IntroductionHello, My name is (Online name) Banter. I provide the support and running of the server. I and two Co-Owners strive to create a realistic roleplay server with many chances of different RP aspects, such as Owning a store, running a gang, living a normal life. etc. The two Co-Owners are Ehko, and Robirt. They are both the main builders so far and the whole concept of the server was created by them. I strive to, later on, create more "Styles" of roleplay on other servers.
The server has been open for about a week and the progress we have made is amazing. We already are in process of having a skilled Developer create custom plugins, the builders are amazing at what they do so the building so far is at least 3 - 5 hours a day of work, having more builders can really boost the development of the map.

Interested in the server? Here are the perks of becoming a Builder;
- Full Credit.- Easter Eggs- Builder Tag & Perms- Ability to later become an Offical Staff Member- Insight on secret projects
Application Link:
Good Luck
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