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Builders are needed

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created 12/03/2019 3:22 am by XDogi1
Hello there everyone! I am requesting builders for a server still in development.

We need the new builders to help us speed up the progress so this server can go public. Because right now we don’t have many builders and that’s what slows us down. I will provide what the owner planned on doing with GoodCraftMC.

Server in development, we need builders urgently

I want this server to be a medium sized server network, even hoping to achieve 70-100 players at a time, some time after released. The thing is, i am doing the work pretty much by myself.

Why would you do that? Why would you try to help me? Why would players even play on this server?
The thing is that we aim to be unique server, go look at any server lists, there are like 100 prison servers, all more or less mediocre, and not offering anything original. Its a current situation of inflated numbers of minecraft servers, so our server needs to have 1. Great community and 2. Truly new, unique, never-tried-before ideas, plugins, events, minigames and servers. Plan is to have:

BlockingDead - with two clans waging a constant war against each other while fighting off hords of zombies with realistic guns, there would be many quests and mini-bosses all around the city, all that stuff... Good news: the server is about 70% done, with guns, resourcepack, plugins, city and clans, but needs active staff to develop it

Lobby - it is a beautiful castle and town on an island, already 100% complete, with in-the-inventory fun games and self-generating parkour, and paid cosmetics plugin.

This is what he planned for it to be

Spaceblock the development hasnt started yet but i already have an idea and the means, plugins etc. to make it happen. Essentially it would be galacticraft-like Skyblock server, once you gather enough resources, you can build a rocket to the mars, where there would be many zombies and other creatures trying to kill you, it would have its own crafting system, there would be a space station, jetpack, sci-fi gear and weapons, of course you'd need to wear oxygen gear to breathe, etc. Keep in mind i already looked up every plugin that the server would have and that everything i am describing here is 100% real and not made up

StarWars a missileWars kinda minigame, but with realistic Star Wars ships, i think it would be a great fun

Great Battleplan a WWI minigame, which would be coded by the Developer of the server (we have one and i am absolutely sure this kind of thing wouldnt be hard to do for him, also im kinda learning Java myself too) the game area would be determined by number of players, they would start in trenches, with guns, grenades, poisonous gas, barbed wire, sounds of war, some abilities would have a cooldown, like artillery or air strike. The main goal is to charge the enemy and take over their trench(5 trenches in total)

Elytra Combat pvp - not sure how to name it yet It is still in development, but i offered one dev server and players to test and develop his plugin, i will get the plugin

GalacticPrison prison server with a story, with lots of NPCs, would be located on a work colony somewhere in space, and the main objective would be to escape, completing the server (would require a LOT of playing though, only top players would have the rank of Escapee).

If you are a builder and would like to reach out to me on discord my discord is Dogi#9234.
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