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1 emerald 0 replies 59 views | started 09/13/2017 3:22 pm by xMrSlime
Hey, I am currently building things for people, I do not want a builder rank I am just trying to build up a portfolio and help people, this will be a 1 time build I do

Portfoio: I am trying to make a portfolio but I need to make more builds to add to it so I was wondering If I can add the builds to my portfolio.

My benefit: This is going to benefit me a lot because I get to add it to my portfolio and also keep improving with the minecraft community building hopefully soon become amazing!

Your benefit: Also this will benefit you a lot because you get the build you wanted on your server (it will be good quality), you get to know me well and I help you out a lot and it benefits your servers for example if I was building a spawn, you would get a good one players would like!

Experience: I have had not to much experience, I have been building for about 6 months and doing proper builds like projects for a month and I have improved a lot and hope to improve even more! Now I have become really good at doing things like detailed paths and such I like building now in general.

Contact: Discord: GamingTekz#6319, now I am only 10 as well but who cares

Finally: I am in london timezone and I get of at about 20:30pm or earlier and I leave for school at 8:20/30 and come back at 3:40 and might have to do 15 mins of studying (not always might be later in the day) So Please Contact Me At A Reasonable Time After The Times I have Just Given you (Means contact me when I am not doing anything, work it out xD)

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