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[MultiMex] - Bungeecord - Minigames - Need Staff - Read more

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created 06/18/2017 9:08 am by FallenLife
Hello there,
My name is DefinitelyHax, and i'm a moderator for MultiMex. I'm here today to tell you that MultiMex has been looking for staff and a steady player base.

++ A little information about the server ++

Multi-Mex is a Bungeecord Minecraft server meant to serve fun and enjoyable experiences to the players whom join. We only have 2 minigames right now but once we reach a steady player base(40+), we will add more games such as Survival Games, Bed Wars/Egg Wars, Paintball, etc. Multi-Mex's staff team are very creative and kind.

++ Application Proccess ++

Once you apply on the site(listed at the bottom of this forum), you will wait until you get an answer. After you get accepted, you will be moved to the Interview phase. Once that happened, you go on the discord channel, and wait in the lobby called "Interview Waiting Room". Either me or another staff member will join you in the waiting room and then move you to the Interview room. There you will do the interview, where we will just ask you a few questions. On the interview make sure to be your self. We are all chill on the staff team and will NEVER judge anyone. I don't care if you have aids or autism. We will never judge you. That being said, make sure your maturity level is high. When i say "High" i mean don't say racist jokes or say "Oh poop" every time you lose in KitPvP.

I wanted to keep this forum post nice and simple, how everyone likes it, but i couldn't. Links are below.
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