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ChaosCraft is a brand new realistic community server for mature people of all ages. We are a friendly, small yet growing community. As we get more players, more slots will be added to the servers. Before joining, make sure you have 1.0.0 installed.

The Rules
  1. No Griefing
  2. No Swering
  3. No Spamming
  4. Respect Owner, Members And Server
  5. Replant Trees
  6. abuse of PvP system
  7. No client-side mods for item-spawning, speed hacking, flying, or changing anything within the server.
  8. Be sure to use the forums often, vote for the Server daily, and contact Staff if you have any questions/concerns/complaints.
  9. Above all, HAVE A GREAT TIME!

The Servers


The Factions server is all about developing small communities inside a community. You claim land, form alliances, make enemies, have wars. Some of the best fun you can have on a Minecraft server.

Server IP:


The Creative server is a place where you can let your imagination go free. Have you got an idea inn your head of a massive castle, to massive machines or just want to do some pixel art? The place to do it is here.

Server IP:


The Anarchy server is the place to let out your most destructive of intentions. On this server there is NO RULES. All we request of you is to not use hack clients (e.g flying). On this server, you see someone with good loot? Slaughter them. See a helpless wooden building? Burn it. There is no rules that are going to stop you.

Server IP:


Not only by donating will you support and help the clan, you will receive some of the following rewards.
If an admin is not on at the time please wait patiently. We will give you your features within the day.

type /pe new (I donated blah amount please can I get it)

If you have any problem(s), contact any of the Minetown admins for assistance.

If the problem(s) persists, send bornc0nfused a private message or email explaining your problem(s).

You may also want to consult this page to see available name colors.
- Donator forum access (Coming Soon!)

Two Dollars ($2.00) USD

Green Donator Chat Color
Bank Account Upgrade or Small vault

Ten Dollars ($10.00) USD

Custom Donator Chat Color (exept Admin Red, Mod Blue or Gold)

Bank Account Upgrade or Small vault

Stone Kit (/kit stone)

Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) USD

Custom Donator Chat Color (exept Admin Red, Mod Blue or Gold)

Bank Account Upgrade or Medium vault

Teleport Command (/tp playername)

Iron stone (/kit stone)

Iron Kit (/kit iron)

Twenty Dollars ($20.00) USD

Custom Donator Chat Color (exept admin red, mod blue or black)

Bank Account Upgrade or Large vault

Teleport Command (/tpa playername)

Iron stone (/kit stone)

Iron Kit (/kit iron)

Diamond Kit (/kit diamond)

A cleared area 50x50x50

Any Warp(s) of Your Choice (must be done by staff)

Other donation packages:

WorldEdit Land Clearing

Get some land cleared for you by an admin. (ask an admin for a quote)

Small area - 5$ (area less than 30x30x30)

Medium area - 10$ (area less than 60x60x60)

Large area - 20$ (area over than 60x60x60) (maximum 100x100x100)

The surrounding areas will be smoothed to look good.

WARNING: Land clearing is not a cumulative donation. This mean you will only get land cleared and no other packages privileges.

Donation Refunds:
You are not entitled to a refund. Please do not open a PayPal dispute stating something relevant to "I did not get what I paid for", because you didn't pay for anything. You just donated. You are not a customer. You just receive rewards as a thanks for donating.

If you don't receive the rewards that you're supposed to get, you may kindly contact bornc0nfused and he will assist you, and perhaps give you items for compensation of inconvenience.

In drastic cases, ChaosCraft reserves the right to revoke your donator privileges.

We have our own Mumble server for you to chat to everyone on the server with! Easier to get your message across fast and quickly when everyone can hear you!

Server IP:east1.voice.enjin.com:64616

The Website/Forums

We have our own forums! Here you can make suggestions, apply to become a moderator and get your voice across to the community. The forums can be found here: http://chaoscraft.info/home

Contact Us

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