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Chaotic United "The Purge Apocalypse"

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created 02/18/2017 6:01 am by alicat
So I need a developer team to help create this plugin/gamemode Id like to add to our community, we also may need staff, a requirement that you bring your friends over, must be active, must register on the website, and you need to be at least 18 years of age. You will be interviewed by me, haloman30, and purhapes our staff team.
For the plugin details \/
There are a set of teams on the server (We could have a custom built map or several maps for this) where they fight each other and the hordes of monsters that come in waves each round, the teams use their surroundings to deafened them selves whether its a fort near by or its what ever, they have a limited time to create a fort and gather weapons before the wave begins, different teams are in different areas. If a player is killed by a monster it becomes infected and helps the wave, if the player is killed by a player (of its team or another team weather as a player or as a monster) the player becomes out. the last standing team weather its a players team or the infected or last standing player, wins, as this is a purge based game just because your on teams doesn't mean you cant kill each other and steal the fame for yourself.
For those who wana apply for the dev team reply, pm, or message me on the following.
Down below
Discord :
Website :
Minecraft : mc.chaoticunited Version 1.11
Our server holds 60 slots for mc. So please bring as many friends as you like.
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