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City/Faction/RPG Server

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created 12/06/2018 12:58 pm by Hunter20107
last reply 12/06/2018 1:02 pm
Hey! I have a server which I will hopefully be starting in Summer 2019 which will focus on a harder/more realistic version of Minecraft with emphasis on town building, trade, warfare, and some RPG elements, though not necessary, to add a bit of flavour to this server's experience. I am posting this now to see if people will be interested, and what your thoughts are. :)

I am currently working on a custom map using WorldPainter, and it will be roughly 30kx30k, with more realistic terrain, custom ore dispersion, custom trees, realistic rivers, the whole deal. Here are some pictures of some tests/old maps to show what the world may (hopefully) end up looking like:Mountainous Lake A small waterfallA streamMountains(Sorry for the lightshot notification there, bad screencapping on my part)

I'm still improving on a few areas to make the map look even nicer, but I plan on having multiple different biomes with their own landscapes, and some custom vegetation like naturally occurring carrots, potatoes.

I also have been testing an arrange of plugins to get a custom Minecraft experience, which will include features like:


Custom time for day/night cycles

Custom Hunger settings

Custom Plant and tree growth settings (These two are because minecraft food sources are in an abundance, so making your character need more food, and food longer to grow, with increase the overall difficulty and make for some interesting interactions on the server)

Working custom ships (Allowing for long distance coastal trade to be more efficient and exciting!)

Working Portcullis'


Local Chat

Dirt trails

The world will not have warps (For the most part) and /sethome, so travelling is a manual endeavour. Tedious for some, world building for others. This will hopefully promote players to build roads and signs, make maps more useful, and encourage player-made quests for those that don't mind trekking the distance. Combine this with the fact that not every resource will be available in a small area, trade will become a must for certain items around the map.

The server will require players to use the Conquest resourcepack as some item textures are only available in that pack (Different weapons and armours, for example), which I understand, along with some other features, may drive players away from the server; however I don't think this server will be for everyone, but will hopefully be a great server for those looking for this kind of minecraft experience.

The main reason I'm posting this threat, besides getting people interest in the idea, is that I'd like to talk with the community to ask if many things I've posted about is a good idea, what could be improved, what could be added to make it even better, etc. I may sort out a discord if this gains enough popularity, as I'll check there way more frequently than here.

So, if you have any thoughts or feelings on this idea, if you'd like to know more and what other ideas I have planned, please post, I'd love to hear your response/criticism/ideas!

Have a wonderful day!


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12/06/2018 1:02 pm
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Oh btw! I forgot to mention a thing or two: This server will be medieval themed, and all in survival. Griefing/pvp will be a thing, but I'd like to try and balance it with factions so that towns don't get burned down to the ground by some random who just wants to spoil the fun. Again, I'd love to hear any thoughts on this so as we could get a good balance, but this server will be more 'hardcore' than alot of servers (Though perma-death is not a thing, dw :) )




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