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~ CivCraft, Alternate History Server ~

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created 09/21/2018 6:26 pm by Vive_
CivCraft is an alternate history RP server that started in RP the year 1600, before then, all prior historical events had happened, however, after this History was reformed, and it's your chance to make history now at CivCraft. CivCraft tries to stay in the realm of reality (no, you cannot have atomic bombs, bomber planes, etc, in 1600), however, does highly encourage the benefits of an alternate historical element.

The staff team of CivCraft does their job to be unbiased in RP matters and help the people of the server, we do our best to not ban automatically for breaking the rules, (unless you are hacking or something obvious), we try to instead use the jail element as much as possible, you will end up in jail if you break some of our server rules, which you can find here:

We hope you enjoy your stay at CivCraft but here are some ways to contact us if you would like to know more about our server:

My discord: Suomi#3882 I am usually available throughout most of the day, if I don't respond then give me a bit, I have stuff to do. is our website is our discord

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