Civilization Server [HELP WANTED]

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Hey! I am looking for assistance in starting a new server. First and foremost, I haven't even started. Feel free to suggest trustworthy hosting companies. I simply do not have time to micromanage a whole server. The concept of this server is government. There will be elections periodically to fill certain positions. Therefore, I will need builders that can plan and build towns. I also need someone to be a "general manager" of the server. I have listed what I need below.
  • Builders
    • Builders must be able to build in a rustic/colonial/non-modern style.
    • Builders should be good at planning towns.
    • For now, only one town will be needed.

  • Managers
    • Managers should be able to deal with simple day-to-day issues.

  • Suggestions
    • I need a reliable hosting server. I want a quality, reasonably-priced host.
    • Any suggestions about anything concerning the server will be appreciated.
    • If you have an idea for a position that may be helpful, feel free to suggest it.

If you are interested, either reply to the thread or private message me!
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