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ClyroPvP | 1.7 - 1.8 | Practice Kitmap Bunkers | Rank Giveaways | Whitelisted | Discord | Community Focused |

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created 02/11/2020 12:11 pm by ArtisticTrex54 history
Hello. This is a new practice server and more to come with bunkers and kitmap now this server currently needs alot of moderators admins and builders we need people who are very expirianced in building and alot of mature staff we are looking forward to grow our network into a big community and just a goos server where everyone is having fun so please apply for staff on the server if u are mature enouth thank u for reading and hope to get more players and staff on very soon

message me on discord at ArtisticTrex54#7289 if u are intrested on working. deving / staffing here as im the only staff and fatiguepvp is sr admin on the server i want the server to grow as a community and a whole and a better player expiriance for everyone

and need someone who knows how to code a server fourms for the server and the community!
and someone who can setup a domain on the server as we dont currently have one

Builder Requirements:
- Age 15 or higher (exceptions can be made)
- Have some basic knowledge of a world editor, for example, World edit, World Painter, etc.
- Have images of YOUR OWN work(auto deny if not)
- Be honest
- Be patient
- Be ready to do any task put in front of you

Developer Requirements:
- If under the age of 17 then you need to prove that you can be mature.
- Be almost fluent in at least one language
- Be able to respect deadlines
- Be honest
- Be patient
- Be ready to do any task put in front of you

Pay May be involved for developers.

ClyroPvP Discord:

For any further questions, please message me on discord: ArtisticTrex54#7289

-ClyroPvP Network
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