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Come to play with us this is a 100% Vanilla Minecraft server bringing you back to the roots of the game and that's to play with friends and experience the community. AFK fish farms are allowed.

We are looking for new friendly players that will be very active.

IP: vanillaisles.us.to
or vanillaisles.us.to:25565 or vanillaisles.uk.to

Rules are as follow:

* No Griefing, [We wont tolerate this and will be instantly banned if caught]

* No Stealing {even from houses around spawn}

* no war/raiding without both parties agreeing.

* Don't be too much of a dick (though we value freedom of speech)

* Use common sense [ no asking for staff rank right away ]

* Have Fun and be nice to others.

(Just because the rule isn't listed doesn't mean you cant get banned for doing something you know is wrong)

We have nice staff that are willing to help at all times :)
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