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This is a Faction/PvP server.

Ip: mc.RaidSkills.com

Website: RaidSkills.com

The server is brand new, so YOU have the opportunity to make the greatest faction on the server! And with 50 slots there is good space for you and your friends and alot of other people you can Raid/Grief

Helpful staff.

Parkour area: We got a long and good parkour field, where there is something for new players and something for hardcore players.


Super Simple Spawner: We made so you can mine spawners with a silktouch pickaxe even if you're not a donator.

Jobs: Get money from doing a job. An example on a job is to me miner where you get money from mining.

Obsidian destroyer: obsidian will blow up if you hit it 5 times with TNT.

McMMO: Get levels in skills. Mining where you just have to mine but get abilities like superbreaker where you break ALL mineable blocks instant and double drop where you get a chance to get double so many drop as normal so you can get 2 diamond from 1 ore you only need to use a pickaxe to activate all of it. Theres also excavation where you dig with a shovel, you can also get levels in woodcutter where you just have to chop down trees with a axe but thats not all theres many more so go on the server and check them out.

We made a edit in McMMO so if your excavation level is in 75+ can you get gunpowder when dig any of the digable blocks Grass, dirt, gravel, sand etc.

Factions: Make factions with your friends, and raid/grief your enemies or just people you find in wilderness

Mob Arena: Fight against waves of mob alone or with friends, and get rewards.

Logblock: Give the history of the block you hit. This can be used to see who griefed your house or hacked/glitched into.

Vote: Vote daily for in-game cash, diamond and TNT. Good stuff when you want to build a base or raid/grief someone.
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Level 4 : Apprentice Miner

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07/31/2013 3:28 pm
Level 4 Apprentice Miner
We hope that we soon can add Creative world to the list of stuff you guys and girls can try on our server
07/23/2013 4:19 am
Level 4 Apprentice Miner
We will soon make so there also will be more worlds like Creative and stuff like that.




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