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Craft-Nations {New Server} Join Now!

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created 06/01/2016 5:10 pm by Itsme_aidan323
Hey Guys! We recently started a Factions server called Craft-Nations. We are currently in the beta stage and have gotten most of the hard bug fixing out of the way! So far we have tickets, reporting, crates, MobArena, Dueling, 1.8x and 1.9x clients can join, McMMO, Factions, Vaults for players, Trading, Custom Enchantments, Bounties, Auctions, Faction Chats, Mob Stacking(reduces lag), and Player Head(You can sell them!). That is a lot of cool features we are still perfecting and trying to make better for you, our players. We hope to continue to add more features and perfect these. Next, in the future. In the future we plan to switch to FactionsUUID, add envoys, add mystery chests(not crates), TnT-Filling, Scoreboard, Auction House, and Factions Tax. It would be great and make it a lot easier if you players could donate and get more players to join and help support the server. In the major future, maybe after a year or so, once we have enough donations, we will create more servers and connect them with bungee cord. Then we will have Factions, creative, survival, etc, etc. But remember, we can only do that if YOU guys donate and help support us. Thanks! And if you need any help with anything, type /ticket in-game and a member of administration will try to help! Thanks!



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