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CraftedCube (Not to be confused with CubeCraft) Is a semi-new Factions server with 200+ members on the Discord and recently we've been working on getting more and new mature staff to get along with. We'll be needing around 5+ or so New Staff to help us out with the server. There are some requirements for this so don't expect to be automatically accepted as a staff if you're willing to work for us

• You must be over 12 years of age.

• You must require a Microphone.

• You must have a Discord Account so we can contact you if needed.

• You must at least act somewhat professional during your interview.

Our Discord Server is https://discord.gg/qyQfrH4

Please DM Tobays#9694 if you're willing to apply for staff

-Toby from the CraftedCube Staff Team
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