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CrystalNetwork Needing Staff.

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created 07/31/2015 9:51 pm by crystalnetworkstaff
Hey everyone! Me (AppleGlacier) and my friend (Skinlesspotato) Have been working hard and for a month on our new server called CrystalNetwork. We are not completely done the server and still have much more to do but we need some people to help us because we have been working hard and are getting a little tired and frankly need a break. We have lots of different types of games so we haven't even bought the servers for yet. We have and are planning to have so far: Skyfactions, Factions, Skyblock, Fishwars, and Snowbattles. We are thinking we are going to be done by the end of August but it depends on how much we get done. If you would like to apply and have a chance of being staff on our server then go to this link and follow what it says. Also if your app is accepted we will need to talk either through. Skype, Gmail chat (Not Email), or Twitter. Thanks for your time and I am hoping to see lots of you! Btw Please don't comment down below it makes it a lot harder if you have any questions please send it through email at [email protected]. Sincerely AppleGlacier and Skinlesspotato Owner of CrystalNetwork.
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