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↪ ★ DelseyriaRPG ★ ↩ Seeking Photographers and YouTubers!

submitted 07/29/2017 1:01 pm by ItsGamingSoni
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Our server, DelseyriaRPG, is a medieval RPG server with quests and slight roleplay based off a three year old community which was initially a skyblock server.

The server has been sitting idle for a while due to the lack of motivation from my side, but worry no more, as now I am back and I am willing to update it with new content. However, since most of my staff members have quit I am in need a set of new active and helpful staff members in order to help the server progress and expand the community.

As much as we need a staff team, we are also looking for a community, so consider playing on the server instead of applying for a position on it. Nobody appreciates staff hoppers, and no one likes to be a staff member on a dead server without a community either! It's just not that fun, is it?

Contact me on Discord so we can discuss your application! ItsGamingSoni#8545 is my Discord if you want to have a nice chat about how the server works and how the staff team operates.

Please note that we're only hiring helpers, all the staff members in our server starts out as a helper and climbs the staff rank ladder according to the time they spent as a staff team unit and the services they've offered, whether exceptional or regular!

Helpful information;
Join our website!
Join our discord!
Or join directly using our IP; drpg.us.to:25566
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Level 18 : Journeyman Mountaineer

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08/12/2017 7:04 pm
Level 18 Journeyman Mountaineer

We're still looking for a photographer with a shaders mod to take screenshots of the new spawn! hit me up on Discord if you're interested in doing it! :)
We're also looking for a YouTuber to make a trailer about the server!

08/05/2017 7:10 am
Level 18 Journeyman Mountaineer

We're currently looking for a photographer to take pictures of the new spawn (should have a shaders mod installed ) and possibly a YouTuber to make videos about the server and a trailer!

We are also looking for builders, contact me on Discord for further information about this.





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