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created 05/16/2012 5:43 pm by LeloDude

Server IP:
Secondary IP:


Go ahead and feel free to visit our server as a Member and have the ability to build and PvP with our many friendly Members. It would be great to have you register on our website for the full Member rank. With our many helpful plugins, there is almost never any grievers which makes it a fun for everyone
No lag at all!
- Very friendly community.
- Helpful Mods/Admins.
- Awesome/Big organized server.
- Instant promotion when registered.
- Accessible cross-world portals.
- Awesome spawn with working MobArena, PvpArena, Spleef Arena, Shop, Casino, Party Room and more!
- Our public worlds:
1: Main normal world
2: Flatland
3: Survival
4: Nether
6: Jungle

Use common sense.
No mods allowed.
No grieving for any reason.
No Advertizing allowed.
No grieving factions.
No spamming.
Do not interfere with people's creations.
No hacked clients.

Other rules are in-game (/rules)

Member: When you first login you are a Member. You have build rights with Factions permissions.
Builder: Once you register on our website, you will be promoted automatically to the green Builder rank. Same abilities as Members, with creative worlds access.
Trusted: A trusted rank is made to have players show respect towards the trusted player. You will need to have spent long time on DC in order to apply for this rank.
Donor: Donate via Paypal in order to get promoted to this rank with extra abilities such as MobDisguise, VIP Worlds, Extra Homes, Nick, Kit, Access to buying VIP items and more...
DonorEx: Donate via Paypal for some Donor abilities with even more amazing abilities.
EliteDonor: Donate via Paypal for some Donor & Ex-Donor abilities with even more amazing abilities.
Moderator: Moderator moderates the server making sure everyone is having fun. Creator decides whenever to recruit a Mod. No apply necessary.
Admin: You must apply for this rank in order to be promoted. You must be a Moderator for at least a month for this rank.

- Worldguard/Worldedit
- NoCheatPlus
- PermissionsEX
- Essentials
- Reporter
- LogBlock
- Multiverse
- Factions
- SimpleSpleef
- Mcbans
- and more...
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