Drug Wars - A new faction\drug server! IP:

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[color="#008000"][b][size="7"][center]Drug Lords Server[/center][/size][/b][/color]
[color="#FF00FF"][size="7"]Now a faction\Drug SERVER!!!!![/size][/color]

[color="#0000FF"][center][size="5"]Welcome to Drug Lords, come in and start playing there is no whitelist.[/size]


[size="3"]You start off as a grower, and want to upgrade through the ranks and become the richest in Drug Lords.[/size]


[size="4"][color="#00FFFF"][b]Citizen[/b] -[/color]
You can purchase this rank for $15,000 in game money. You have access to the citizen mine and shops. The mine is loaded with ores and is a good way to earn some quick cash. You must not have drugs, or you will be fined and demoted to grower again.[/size]

[size="4"][color="#8B0000"][b]Trader -[/b][/color]
It costs 15K + the price of plot. You own your own store and have access to the traders union to sell the items you get from other players to make money. You are only allowed one store unless you pay extra.

[b][color="#008080"]Drug Lord[/color][/b] -
You can own a store in the sewers for 80k. You buy drugs from growers and sell to an admin shop for more money. You may have a farm of your own.

[color="#0000FF"][b]Trainee[/b] [/color]-
This is the starting police rank, you do not get paid but have the same commands of police. After two days you will be promoted to police and will be able to be paid.

[color="#000080"][b]Police[/b][/color] -
You enforce the laws of the server and can jail people. You are paid every other day for the amount of $10,000 + you can sell drugs to the drug center in Police HQ[/size]

This is one rank above police. You get paid more and have more commands to help enforce the laws. You get paid $15,000 + can sell drugs to the drug center in Police HQ.[/size]

You act like a mod but also have police duties. You get paid 20k and can sell drugs to Police HQ.

[size="4"][center][color="#0000FF"][b]Police App[/b][/color]:
Why you want to become cop:
What can you bring to the force:[/center][/size]
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