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EarthLordPvP Network | Looking for staff // players

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created 10/22/2017 11:25 am by _Aureus
EarthLordPvP Skyblock // Factions Server
Ip: play.earthlordpvp.com

Who are we?
We are a new Factions server We opened in November of 2016 and we are growing ever since! Once you join you will be greeted by Staff / Players and be welcomed to the Server! We would love you to come play on the server and have so much fun on it!

We currently have:

- Completely custom class system.
- Loot steal prevention.
- Completely custom token system.
- Combat logging prevention.
- Chat protection and ad prevention.
- Custom crate reward system.
- Amazing auction system,
- Holograms featured all across the server.
- Special legendary items are dropped on each realm.
- Amazing, active lottery system.
- Capability of destroying Obsidian with several TNT hits!
- Chances of player heads dropping from players killed!
- Random wilderness teleport system.
- Custom personal vaults for special ranks.
- EARTH boss spawning every 2 hours in the End World!
- Amazing Skyblock setup
- And of course, a completely lag-free environment.

These are only several dozen of features on EarthLodPvP. We optimize our gameplay, and keep our players in mind. We prefer performance and experience over players, and purchase the highest possible hardware available to host our servers.

We'd absolutely love for you to hop on and try out the network. We welcome each and every player, and encourage all players to participate within the community on our forums as well. See you around!

Website: https://earthlordpvp.com

Forums: forums.earthlordpvp.com

Store: https://earthlordpvp.buycraft.net

Discord: https://discord.gg/qpgEfVZ

P: play.earthlordpvp.com
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Level 4 : Apprentice Network




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